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Rainbow Connections

Updated: Aug 28, 2023

On Christmas this year, I opened up my gifts from y sister and in it I found a homework assignment from my niece, Sharon! The letter said her class read a story called "Flat Stanley" by Jeff Brown. In this story, Stanley became flat when a bulletin board fell on him when he was sleeping. He was fine but flat! He took advantage of being flat and mailed himself to friends.

So each student in my niece's class had to make a flat version of themselves and mail it around the world. Each flat classmate looked for acts of kindness along their journey. They called the acts of kindness "Rainbow Connections". I was told I needed to mail back "Flat Sharon" and a list of Rainbow Connections she saw. Pictures were also welcome. The class would look at all of the acts of kindness in the world as a way to celebrate the beginning of 2017. I LOVED this idea of focusing on positivity, kindness and community. These things are essential in happiness. Great job Mrs. Scotland in New Jersey. Great teaching idea!!!

I had one day to complete it and mail it back.

As an overachiever, I wasn't able to write a list and mail it back. Seemed too ordinary. So I wrote a children's book. I mailed it back laminated and bound. In the book I mentioned I was a speech language pathologist and I help kids with autism. I hoped that helped to bring awareness of autism to children in Sharon's class. I also mentioned that self-care is also very important. I mentioned I did yoga as a means for self care and that was an act of kindness. I also made sure I mentioned that children needed to help with the chores at home too! I put a lot of morals to the story.

You can read "Flat Sharon in HOLLYWOOD" by clicking here. Please share and spread the word of Rainbow Connections.

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