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Speech Therapy Parent Coaching and Education
Speech Therapy Parent consultation and education


Laura is one of the most patient, understanding, and kind individuals I have had the fortune of meeting in my 18 years. The biggest and most detrimental effect of my stutter was that it made me extremely self-conscious and lowered my confidence in a big way. From day 1 of my speech therapy with Laura, she began instilling confidence in me. With her help, I have been able to grow to appreciate each aspect of my being as a trait that makes me unique, especially my stutter. She showed me that I can be me and not worry about what others think because I respect and love myself. What I liked most about my time with Laura is that she did such a good job of intertwining speech therapy tools that are practical for getting through moments of disfluency with therapeutic exercises and introspection that allowed me to appreciate my identity. She is very resourceful and engaging in sessions. I am truly grateful for my experience with Laura, and I 100% recommend her for anyone in need of speech therapy. -Henry W.

Where can I even begin!!! Laura has completely transformed our lives. My son, Roman is 4 years old and had been non-verbal until we started seeing Laura for speech therapy. Within a matter of two weeks, he began to feel confident enough to try out sounds and putting together a few two or three word phrases. Her approach is loving yet firm. She really takes the time to understand what your child needs and effortlessly produces results that are amazing. My son is now singing songs and we are able to hold mini conversations. I don't know where we'd be without her help! - Ramona W.

We have been with Laura for over a year now and we have had an amazing experience. I refused to see any other speech therapist but her. My daughter was non-vocal when we first started sessions with Laura and now she is talking, requesting and even protesting. The most astonishing thing that I witnessed was Laura's ability to see beyond Bailey's deficits and focus on her strengths to make her deficits even stronger. I didn't feel like Laura saw my child's diagnosis. She was only focused on Bailey's needs. Her love and compassion was transferred to my daughter and Laura was always greeted by Bailey with a hug and smile. Bailey was so happy to see Laura that she often tried to jump into her arms even though my daughter is more than half Laura's size (smile). Laura is very skilled and patient and I highly recommend this therapist without any reservations. She has made a permanent mark in my daughter's life and in my heart. Thanks Laura!....Dr. K


Laura has been such a blessing in my daughter’s life (and mine!).  She has been very resourceful to come up with the therapy which my daughter really needed.  She communicated wonderfully with us parents after every session how it went and also by the periodical reports.  I, as a parent, felt very comfortable to share with her what was happening in my child’s life and at her school, and she incorporated that into the therapy to make it more relevant in the current situation, which was great.  She was not only a good speech therapist, but also was a good counselor and mentor to my child.  She also took time to write a detailed report at the end of every insurance funding period, and thanks to that we were able to get a smooth approval for necessary coverage.  Thank you, Laura!      Junko       


Laura is very open minded, kind, loving and so much fun. She is very knowledgeable in her area of expertise, she also has amazing intuition. With her experience, knowledge, and intuition she is able to create an individual experience for each child, giving them the opportunity to reach their potential and beyond. She is Amazeballs!!! lol you can omit that if you want. Love you, you are the best.



I had the privilege of meeting Laura at a very critical time in my son's life.  Autism had caused him to regress from using three-word phrases like a typical two-year-old to saying only three words: no, don't, and stop.  Laura worked diligently and patiently with my son to help him re-learn how to communicate verbally.  There were so many people who had suggested I simply depend more on using pictures and teaching him some simple sign language.  Laura wholeheartedly supported my decision to focus on the area of verbal language.  Although my son is still behind in his verbal communication skills, he has developed far beyond what many people believed he was capable of.  He is able to spend the majority of his days in a general education classroom now and is also able to communicate his wants, needs, thoughts, and feelings.  One thing that has been so amazing to see from what is his ability to express his sense of humor, which is a unique part of his personality.  I absolutely know that Laura's work helped my son to unlock many missing parts in his verbal communication, and for that I will be forever grateful.  - C.C. Sharlett

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